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    Caduet 10mg/10mg Tablets 15's
    Caduet 10mg/20mg Tablets 30's
    Caduet 10mg/40mg Tablets 30's
    Caduet 5mg/10mg Tablets 15's
    Caduet 5mg/20mg Tablets 30's
    Caduet 5mg/40mg Tablets 30's
    Caduet Tabs 10mg/10mg 30's
    Caduet Tabs 5mg/10mg 30's
    Cal-C Vita Eff. Tab 10's
    Calcimag Zn Tab
    Calcitec Nasal Spray 200 Iu
    Caltrate 600 With Vitamin D Tablet
    Caltrate 600mg Tablet
    Campto 100mg/5ml Concentrate For I.V. I
    Campto 40mg/2ml Concentrate For I.V. In
    Candeur 150 Mg Caps 1's Blister
    Candizole 2% Powder 20gm
    Candizole 2% Powder 20gm
    Candizole Cream 30gm
    Candizole Cream 30gm
    Candizole Vag Cream 45gm
    Candizole Vag Cream 45gm
    Canesten 1% Cream 20gm
    Canesten 1% Solution 20ml
    Canesten 100mg Vaginal Tablets 6's
    Canesten 500mg Vaginal Tablets 1's
    Capilette (Ringcaps) For Reflotron
    Capoten 25mg Cap Of 30
    Capoten 50mg Cap Of 30
    Capozide 50mg Of 28
    Carbatol Tab 200mgx 30's
    Cardiotonic Pills Of 100's
    Cardura Tabs 1mg X 20s
    Cardura Tabs 4mg X 20s
    Casodex 50mg Tab Of 28
    Caverject 10mcg Vial 1x1ml
    Caverject 20mcg Vial 1x1ml
    Cefaxine 125mg/5ml Susp 100ml
    Cefaxine 250mg Cap Of 20
    Cefaxine 250mg/5ml Susp 100ml
    Cefaxine 500mg Cap Of 20
    Cefix 100mg/5ml Susp Of 30ml
    Cefix 100mg/5ml Susp Of 60ml
    Cefix 200mg Cap Of 8
    Cefix 400mg Cap Of 5
    Cefix 400mg Cap Of 6
    Cefix 400mg Cap Of 6
    Cefodox 100mg Tab Of 10
    Cefodox 100mg/5ml Susp Of 100ml
    Cefodox 100mg/5ml Susp Of 50ml

    Cefodox 200mg Tab Of 10
    Cefodox 50mg/5ml Susp Of 50ml
    Cefproz 125mg Susp 50ml
    Cefproz 250mg Susp 50ml
    Ceframed 250mg Cap Of 20
    Ceframed 500mg Cap Of 20
    Ceframed 500mg Cap Of 500
    Ceftriaxone - Tabuk 500mg Im Injection
    Ceftriaxone-Tabuk 1g Iv Injection, 1 Vial
    Ceftriaxone-Tabuk 1g-Im Vial - 1vial
    Cefutil 125mg Tab Of 10
    Cefutil 250mg Tab Of 10
    Cefutil 500mg Tab Of 10
    Cefzil 125mg Oral Syrp 50ml
    Cefzil 250mg Oral Syrp 50ml
    Cefzil 250mg Tab Of 10
    Cefzil 500mg Tab Of 10
    Celebrex Caps 100 Mg 20's
    Celebrex Caps 100mg 20's
    Celebrex Caps 200 Mg 10's
    Celebrex Caps 200mg 10's
    Celebrex Caps. 200 Mg 30's
    Cellpacker 5pk
    Celluvisc 1% Eye Drops
    Centrum Lutein
    Centrum Lutein Tab
    Centrum Silver With Lutein Tablets (100's)
    Centrum Silver With Lutein Tablets (30's)
    Cephadar Caps 250mg X 20's
    Cephadar Caps 250mg X 500's
    Cephadar F.Caps 500mg X 20's
    Cephadar F.Caps 500mg X 500's
    Cephadar F.Susp 250mg X 100ml
    Cephadar Susp 125mg X 100ml
    Cephalex 250mg Suspension 100's
    Cephalex 500mg Caps 20's
    Ceporex Caps 250 Mg 500's
    Ceporex Caps 500mg 500's(Not R
    Ceporex Susp. 125mg/5ml 100 Ml
    Ceporex Susp. 250mg/5ml 100ml
    Cepralex 10mg Tab Of 28
    Cepralex 20mg Tab Of 28
    Cerazette 0.075mg Tab Of 28
    Cervarix Vaccine
    Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar 127gm
    Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion 200ml
    Cetaphil Moisturising Crem 100gm
    Cetaphil Moisturising Lot 200gm
    Cetriaxone - Tabuk 500mg Iv Injection
    Cevitil Eff

    Champix 0.5mg Tab 11(+14 1mg
    Champix 1mg Tab Of 56
    Chloroptic Eye Ointment 3.5 Gm
    Chloroptic Opthalmic Solution
    Chloroptic P Eye Ointment 3.5
    Chloroquine 50mg/5ml Syrp 100ml
    Cholera Vaccine Berna 5ml
    Cialis 20mg F/C Tablet
    Cialis 20mg Tab
    Cialis 5mg
    Cica-Care, Silicone Adhesiv 12 X 15
    Cica-Care, Silicone Adhesive 6 X 12
    Cilest Tab Of 21
    Ciloxan 5ml Eye Drp
    Ciloxan 5ml Eye Drp
    Cimedine Tab 200mg X 50's
    Cimedine Tab 400mg X 24's
    Ciprobay 10ml Ear Drp
    Ciprobay 10ml Ear Drp
    Ciprodar Tab 250mgx10s
    Ciprodar Tab 500mgx10's
    Ciproflox 250mg Tab Of 10
    Ciproflox 500mg Tab Of 10
    Ciproflox 750mg Tab Of 10
    Cipropharm 250mg Tab Of 10
    Cipropharm 500mg Tab Of 10
    Circular Plaster
    Cirrus Bilayer Of 14
    Citius Tablets 200 Mg. 60's
    Citius Tablets 400 Mg. 30's
    Citrugel Tube 15 Gm
    Claforan 0.5g Im/Iv, 2ml Injection
    Claforan 1gm Im, 4ml Injection
    Claforan 1gm Iv, 4ml Injection
    Claradine Mouthwash 200ml
    Claradone 10% V.Doch Sol 200ml
    Claradone Mouthwash 200ml
    Claradone Oint 30gm
    Clarazole 2% Cream 30gm
    Clarazole Shampoo 100ml
    Claridar 125mg Susp.
    Claridar 250mg Tabs 14s
    Claridar 500mg Tabs 14s
    Clarimac 250mg Tab Of 14
    Clarimac 500mg Tab Of 14
    Claritt 125mg Suspension
    Claritt 250mg Oral Susp 70ml
    Claritt 250mg Tab 14's
    Claritt 500mg Tab 14's
    Claritt Xl 500mg Tabs 7's

    Clarixin 250mg Tab Of 14
    Clarixin 500mg Tab Of 14
    Clavodar 1gm Tabs 14's
    Clavodar 625mg Tabs 20's
    Clavodar F.Susp 457mgx70ml
    Clean N Soak Solution 120ml
    Clearacol Capsules 30
    Clexane 10000 Anti-Xa Iu/1ml
    Clexane 2000 Anti-Xa Iu/0.2ml
    Clexane 4000 Anti-Xa Iu/0.4ml
    Clexane 6000 Anti-Xa Iu/0.6ml
    Clexane 8000 Anti-Xa Iu/0.8ml
    Clikstar Blue Pen S3
    Clikstar Silver Pen
    Clinijel Lubricating Jelly 82gm
    Cloracef 375 Susp.75ml
    Cloracef Caps 250mgx16's
    Cloracef F.Caps 500mgx16's
    Cloracef Mr 500mg Tabs 10s
    Cloracef Mr 750mg Tabs 10s
    Cloracef Susp. 125mgx75ml
    Cloracef Susp. 250mgx75ml
    Colospasmin Forte 135mg Tablet
    Colospasmin Tab
    Combigan Eye Drops 5ml
    Combivent Met.Aerosol10ml
    Combivent Udv 20's
    Combivir Tab 300mg+150mg 60's
    Concor 10 Tab Of 30
    Concor 5 Tab Of 30
    Concor 5 Plus Tab Of 30
    Concor Cor 2.5mg Tab Of 30
    Contrast Control Spectacles
    Corsodyl Mouthwash 300ml
    Cortoss 10cc Cartridge
    Cortoss Delivery Gun Reusable
    Cortoss Mixtip (Stnd) 12 Stn.
    Coveram 10mg / 10mg Tab Of 30
    Coveram 10mg / 5mg Tab Of 30
    Coveram 5mg / 10mg Tab Of 30
    Coveram 5mg / 5mg Tab Of 30
    Coversyl 10mg Tab Of 30
    Coversyl 5mg Tab Of 30
    Coxicam 15mg Tab Of 10
    Coxicam 7.5mg Tab Of 30
    Cream E45 125 Gm
    Cream E45 350 Gm
    Cream E45 50 Gm
    Creon 10000 Capsules 100's
    Crestor 10mg Tab Of 28
    Crestor 20mg Tab Of 28
    Crestor 40mg Tab Of 28
    Curacne 10mg Caps 30's
    Curacne 20mg Caps 30's
    Cutivate Cream 15gm
    Cutivate Cream 30gm
    Cutivate Ointment 15gm
    Cutivate Ointment 30gm
    Cyostar 100mg 1x5ml
    Cyteal Topical Solution 500ml