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    Ranacid 75mg 12's
    Ranid 150mg Tablets 20's
    Ranid 300mg Tablets 10's
    Rapidus 50mg Tabs 20's
    Redoxon Orange 1g Eff. Tab 15's
    Redoxon Orange 1g Eff. Tab. 10's
    Reflotron Accessory Kit
    Refresh Contact 20 X 0.4 Ml (R
    Refresh Liquigel 15ml
    Refresh Plus 0.5% Eye Drops 0.
    Refresh Tears E/D 15 Ml
    Relenza 5mg Diskhaler X 4
    Relenza 5mg Diskhaler X 4
    Relestat Eye Drops 5ml
    Relpax Tabs 40mg 3's
    Relpax Tabs 40mg X 6s
    Rennie Tab 96's
    Reparil 20mg Tab
    Reparil Gel-N 100gm
    Reparil Gel-N 40gm
    Replax Tabs 20mg 3's
    Replax Tabs 20mg 6's
    Replaze Granules Jar 90gm
    Replaze Minitabs 100's
    Replaze Minitabs 200's
    Replaze Minitabs 300's
    Replaze Pouch 75 Gm
    Replaze Sachets 0.5 Gm
    Restasis 0.4ml Eye Drops 30's
    Restasis 0.4ml Vials-32's
    Retin A Gel 0.025% Of 30gm
    Revanin 500mg Tab Of 20
    Revanin 500mg Tab Of 100
    Revanin Pad. Elixer 60ml
    Reyatez 150mg Cap Of 60
    Reyatez 200mg Cap Of 60
    Rheumarest Roll On 50ml
    Rhinathiol 100mg/5ml Infant Syrup 125ml
    Rhinathiol 250mg/5ml Adult Syrup 125ml
    Rhinathiol 375mg Cap 30's
    Rhinathiol Promethazine Syrup 15ml
    Rhino Vapo Patches 6's
    Rhinocort Aqua N/S 32mcg 120 Dos
    Rhinocort Aqua N/S 64mcg 120 Dos
    Rialac Liquid 200ml
    Rialox Susp Of 180ml
    Rianest 100000 Iu/Ml Syrp Of 30ml
    Riaphan 15mg/5ml Syrp Of 100ml
    Riaspasm 10mg Tab Of 20
    Riaxine 4mg/5ml Syrp Of100ml

    Riazole 250mg Tab Of 20
    Riazole 500mg Tab Of 20
    Ringers Sol. Bpc 500ml
    Robitussin Syrup 118ml
    Rovamycine 3miu Tab Of 10
    Rovamycine 3miu Tab Of 10
    Rowachol Capsule
    Rowatinex Capsule
    Roxamed 150mg Tabs 10's
    Roxcef 1 Gm Im Inj 1's
    Roxcef 250mg Im Inj 1's
    Roxcef 500mg Im Inj 1's
    Roxil 250mg/5ml Suspension 10's
    Roxil 500mg Caps 20's
    Rubeaten Berna 1 Dose Amp.
    Rulid 150mg Tablet
    Rumafen 1% Gel Of 30gm
    Rumafen 1% Gel Of 50gm
    Rumafen 50mg Tab Of 20
    Rytmonnorm 150mg Tablets 50's